Today’s Why Story Comes To Us From Damas Ndalechi From Tanzania

“Am Damas Ndalechi, 31 years of age with one wife and a beautiful baby girl. Am a graduate from University of Dar es Salaam Business School (UDBS) in Tanzania, studied Bachelor of Commerce and Management degree in Human Resources Management, with over 4 years working experience in the same field.

Since I started working in 2011, my income from salary and petty business has never been enough or reasonable, I normally ended up having debts from friends and banks. With the TRÉVO opportunity, I told myself this is my time to kick-out debts, living a ”defined life”, travel many times around the world, own luxuries and sports cars, and invest more in real estate.

Doing so, I will also touch other peoples life both financial and health-wise through TREVO products consumption and selling.

I urge other people, especially youths and graduates from Colleges to grab this opportunity and transform their lives.”