Today’s Why Story Comes To Us From Habeeb Alabi From Nigeria

« I grew up in a family where I was made to believe that people who are rich did money ritual and you have to live up to 50 years before you can be rich. But my orientation changed a little bit when I graduated from the university. The fact that I graduated still didn’t stop the fear of success in me. When I came across Trévo, the fear started fading because I knew I have actually found the way. I knew I was going to do network marketing business, but the company I was going to partner with was what I didn’t know! It’s true that we all have dreams to achieve either small or Big. But the fact that Trévo had created an effective Platform for me to help people live a healthy life, to develop myself personally …. and also with the help of quality people is the main reason WHY am doing this business!”