Uganda Newsletter October 2015

//Uganda Newsletter October 2015

Uganda Newsletter October 2015

Product Testimonies

Sylvia O., Kenya

“For most of my life, I have experienced health issues that interfered with my everyday life. I had no idea that giving my body the nutrients it needs to function properly could so dramatically improve my well-being and physical health. That is exactly what I discovered after making Trévo’s super-nutrition a part of my daily diet. Today, I feel great and have more stamina than ever before. Thank you, Mr. Stevens and family, for this wonderful discovery. May God continue to bless you!”

Grace M., Kenya

“I am a nurse here in Nairobi. Endless hours on my feet left me with uncomfortable circulatory issues. After only two bottles of Trévo, I can feel my energy level increasing and know that my body is being given the nutrients it needs to support good circulatory health as well as whole-body health. Wow! Thanks and glory to God.”

Sarah W., Kenya

“Because of chronic fatigue, I simply became accustomed to dragging myself along through the days and weeks. Since I started enjoying the great daily nutrition of Trévo, I feel refreshed and re-energized. My days are much more focused and fruitful. I also introduced my mother to the health benefits of Trévo. She also suffered from low energy levels, plus she often experienced vertigo. Today, she feels great and is back to managing her school and farm.”

Leadership Spotlight