Trévo has nine core values that are embraced by our corporate headquarters and our amazing Life and Health Coaches.



Persistence is an attitude. “I will keep trying and never quit, in spite of circumstances and feelings that are trying to stop me.” Persistence is necessary to achieve success in every area of your life.


Consistence is the willingness and discipline to constantly perform the activities necessary for success, day in and day out. It does not mean perfection. “I will continually try, even if I fail at times.” Consistence complements persistence as its power twin.


Giving is an integral part of our mission to help others embrace the gift of health and the opportunity for true prosperity offered through Trévo. We believe that as prosperity comes to us, we have the responsibility and privilege to give back from the resources with which we have been blessed.


Fun is important in everything we do at Trévo. We genuinely believe there is a way to find fun in everything we do. It is an attitude that wins the day during the tough times and allows you to enjoy life. Trévo is definitely not “just another job” and fun is a vital component of our culture.


Embrace is at the very heart of every Trévo Core Value. If we do not embrace these values, our mission simply becomes empty words. Trévo invites people of all ages, races, creeds and spiritual backgrounds to embrace our mission by becoming a part of the Trévo culture.


Passion is a strong, extravagant enthusiasm for something. Passion is contagious and passionate people make things happen. Our mission and our exciting training system are catalysts for igniting the passion within your heart to see your dreams of prosperity become reality.


Together is an immense power that we possess when we unite in purpose and thought. At Trévo, it is a powerful reciprocal relationship between our Life and Health Coaches and our team at corporate headquarters. We encourage one another toward greatness and intentionally avoid having a critical spirit. At the very heart of winning stands unity and a spirit of working together. After all, we are on the same team.



Innovation is Trévo’s attitude of being willing to think outside the box, constantly improve products and systems, explore new ways of doing things and implement new technologies. It means that we will never just accept status quo in any area of our business or personal lives.


Integrity can be represented in one word … honesty. It is a strict adherence to honoring our word and treating others as we would desire to be treated.