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Dramatically Increase Your Recruiting Success With The Trévo Builder System

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Are you ready to take your business to a whole new level of success? The secret to creating an ever-growing Trévo business involves finding people with whom you can connect and talk to about our unparalleled wellness product and our remarkable opportunity.

The Trévo Builder System does exactly that by equipping you with cutting-edge technology designed to help you connect with more people than ever before – people who are interested in improving their health and/or looking for a way to create an additional stream of income. In other words, exactly the type of people you want to connect with!

The Trévo Builder System is, quite simply, the most powerful, yet easy to use system ever created for your success. Never before have all the tools been integrated into one system.

And with our exclusive opportunity and product presentation webinars taking place at the top of every hour, your have an unprecedented opportunity to invite and engage more prospects than ever before!

Trévo has teamed with one of the largest and most successful online system development companies to bring you the amazingly powerful Trévo Builder System. 




Beautiful, strategically designed websites built to capture visitors’ attention and contact information


All-in-one communications toolbox designed to keep you in touch with existing and potential customers


Sales tools to help sell your vision and complete the deal all the way through the payment process




Generates Prospects & Connections

Ready to build the business you deserve? Trevo Builder helps you do just that, with a powerful sales funnel that focuses your advertising and marketing campaigns so you know exactly WHO your HOTTEST prospects are to connect with at ANY time. It doesn’t matter if you are at the computer, or on your MOBILE device, this is the system you can use to GROW!

Share Your Oppurtunity

The Trevo Builder sales funnel automatically shares your story with prospects for you! Discover how easy building this business can be when your system filters the SERIOUS from the CURIOUS and alerts you to collaborate with the prospects that are ready to get started NOW!

Automatically Follow Up

Remembering to follow up with every prospect can be a lot of work, and even the best marketers memory can fail them at times. Your Trevo Builder system automatically drips testimonies, videos, and targeted exposures on your prospects following up FOR YOU.

Builds Your Business

Once members join your team, plug them into the Trevo Builder and empower them to build their business and duplicate your success to exponentially EXPLODE your business!



Lead Capture Sites

The lead capture website program is a fully automated recruiting tool designed to keep your message in front of hundreds – or even thousands – of prospects daily. Targeted demographic online web pages will automatically engage your prospect through email and even lead them through the enrollment process or the purchase of Trévo™. Each lead capture web page is designed with a particular target demographic in mind, such as “Family Dreams” or “Family Health,” along with other targeted audiences.

The purpose …

Reach thousands of people each and every month with a fully-automated, interactive system that is simple for your team members to duplicate, which automatically leverages your time.

The need …

In the world of network marketing, it is imperative that you work smarter – not harder. It is always about teaching others to do what you are doing in order to effectively build a team of leaders. Our lead capture website system utilizing cutting-edge online technology is an effective way to reach thousands with your message.


A complete back office control center and contact manager to manage your entire marketing efforts, with real time tracking and stats reporting. It acts as your online planner and organizer. It allows you to Quick Search, Power Search and Custom Sort all your prospects. Choose how many contacts to view on a page and which information you want displayed. Quickly view, move, copy, export and delete your groups of contacts. Easily activate the pre-written branded autoresponders for individuals, whole groups or mass newsletter mail. Track your hot leads and conduct key follow up.
This comprehensive database manages all of your prospect data and integrates each tool. NO MORE UPLOADING AND DOWNLOADING LISTS from tool to tool! Maximize your productivity by working with your HOTTEST prospects, and communicate with all of them with ease.
2 High Converting Lead Capture Pages (One Product and One Opportunity), created to easily capture prospects contact information and bring them into your tour sites that tell your story 24 hours a day/7days a week/365days a year
Our system has multiple email autoresponder modules ranging from message broadcast modules to follow up sales assisting modules. Message broadcast modules allow you to send outbound messages to prospects inviting them to visit your custom lead capture pages and tour sites. Follow up sales systems filter through opt-ins on your website to identify who the hottest leads are for you reps to follow up with.
Take a test drive of Naxum’s Fortune 500 Live Calling Software, and easily overcome call reluctance, boost your prospecting production by 300%, and experience full integration and easy of use when prospecting any of your contacts.
With just a few simple steps, you can now send high quality professional video emails to you prospects to virtually build rapport and close sales as if you met them in person.
This education module will empower you to receive more free leads every day from just 30 minutes a day using social media. This training will reveal the unlimited potential available to quickly target and connect with HOT prospects on Facebook and twitter.
Train your team “your way” with our custom training portals inside of the back office system. Here you can have multiple password protected training sections where you can provide private documents, text, and video training inside of the system.
Maximize your marketing campaigns by utilizing our world class SMS Text Marketing Solution. Here your sales reps can send targeted messages out to contacts and prospects through this extremely effective communication channel.