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From the age of seven, I have had very serious body itches till I grew up with it. The itching had become unbearable during the wet season. I went to teaching hospitals in different cities: Uyo, Enugu, Calabar etc. I took all kinds of medications as well as different products from other networking marketing companies for this particular illness but didn’t get any positive result. I was later introduced to Trévo in 2012 and within that same year the itches began to subside but later stopped till date. Today, my family and I take Trevo, and it has been too wonderful. For me Trevo is the end of discussion, I can’t find a better name for this awesome product
– Felicia Nna – CALABAR

“In 2012 I almost lost my life. I woke up and started experiencing severe headache, red eyes, partial paralysis and high blood pressure. I went to several hospitals to no avail. The doctors could not find any problem with me from their test results. The climax was when I started slumping and this occurred three times. Someone introduced Trevo to me, I used it and today I am enjoying sound health like never before.”
– Mr. Williams .O – ENUGU

“The first time I tried Trévo, I knew it was no ordinary dietary supplement. I have not felt this alive, this energetic, this healthy in a long time. So, of course, I shared it with a relative who has been having a rough time, wellness-wise. Imagine my delight when I called to check on her today and was told that she was outside working in the yard! We will never go another day without Trévo!”
~ Mary, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

“For most of my life, I have struggled with overwhelming food cravings. Who knew that simply giving my body the nutrients it needs could be so effective in quieting those out-of-control cravings? Now, I feel I that I am in control of my life and feel healthier as well as more energetic. Thank you, Trévo founders!”
~ Esther, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

“A dear friend of mine is pregnant and suffering from some of the issues that seem to plague expectant women. I suggested she try drinking Trévo every day for its nutritional benefits. Today, she is doing well, much more energetic, feels healthier, and is looking forward to the birth of her baby.”
~ Mocrana, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

“My friend has suffered from digestive issues for years, so when I discovered how wonderful I felt after I started drinking Trévo every day, I suggested that she try it because Trévo’s nutrients help support a healthy digestive system. She is so delighted with its nutritional support and health benefits that she has decided to join my Trévo team!”
~ Hed, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

“Long hours in front of a computer used to leave me with evenings filled with headaches and fatigue. Two weeks ago, I started including Trévo in my daily diet. Today, I just realized that I have not had a headache in several days and my energy level seems to be much better.”
~ Dr. Lucy K., Uganda

“For years, I have suffered from nutritional deficiency, including an iron deficiency. This caused me to feel weak and my body did not seem to function as it should. I am now drinking Trévo daily, and feel stronger than I have in years. I feel healthier and more energetic.”
~ Kawendeke M., Uganda

“A Caesarean section procedure left me with persistent back pain and a general feeling of being unwell. Recently, I started drinking Trévo. I believe that the nutrients that are now fueling my body have made a difference in how I feel. The back pain is considerably lessened and I feel healthy again.”
~ Fauzia N., Uganda

“My wife has suffered for several years from the effects of an auto accident. She tried everything she could think of to help her feel better. When I was introduced to Trévo, we decided that my wife and I should both drink it. Much to our surprise, she has started feeling much better, is more energetic, and has more pain-free range of movement.”
~ Turyanmureeba B., Uganda

“I have read that certain types of nutrition could help support one’s eye health, and I am here to tell you that I believe that is absolutely true. I enjoy Trévo’s nutritional benefits every day, and feel that my eye health, as well as the rest of my body, is now being nourished with the very best nutrition the world has to offer. Thanks, Trévo!”
~ Ndyahabwe P., Uganda

“I have never found a product that can compare to Trévo. Its wonderful, nutrient-dense ingredients address my every health need. I can even tell that my hair is thicker and healthier. I am very happy!”
~ Mr. Koffi K. J., Côte d’Ivoire

“For many years, I have struggled to maintain a healthy blood sugar level. A strict diet did not even seem to help. Two months ago, I started including two ounces of Trévo in my daily diet. Today, I feel healthy and my blood sugar levels are lower than they have been for 25 years.”
~ Mr. K. Sylla, Côte d’Ivoire

“I am 65 years old and enjoy drinking Trévo daily. I love its amazing nutritional benefits, and particularly feel that it is helping to support my eye health. I do believe that my eyesight might be better now than it was 30 years ago!”
~ Mr. K. K., Côte d’Ivoire