* Available in the USA only

  • 16.67mg of pure, active phytocannabinoids per serving

  • 100% Absorption

  • Organically Grown

  • Farm Bill Compliant from Seed to Crop to Product

  • 500mg strength Full Spectrum Hemp Oil per Ounce

  • Proprietary Water-Soluble Technology

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Pure, Active, Water-Soluble, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

SYNC by Trévo is a homeostasis-centric product that combines an organically grown, pesticide-free, high quality hemp. SYNC is infused with your choice of delicious, all-natural vanilla or orange flavor to create a unique cannabinoid-rich hemp oil. This next-generation, full-spectrum hemp oil is absorbed rapidly by the body to create a naturally balanced life and vigorous well-being. From pain relief to reducing anxiety, cannabinoids can help with a myriad of problems or suffering in a completely and natural way.

What is full spectrum hemp oil anyway?

Full spectrum hemp oil is becoming known as a powerful nutritional supplement with astounding health benefits as well as the ability to promote an empowering sense of calm, balance and well-being. Like its chemical cousin THC, cannabidiol has been shown to have the potential for medicinal value and benefit. However, unlike THC, cannabidiol is non-psychoactive. SYNC’s cannabidiol is completely separated and isolated from THC and cannot get you “high.” It is federally legal when sourced from agricultural hemp plants, such as those used in the production of SYNC.

SYNC may help support the management of:

  • Mood Balance

  • Anxiety

  • Memory

  • Pain Perception

  • Sleep

  • Joint Health

  • Muscle Health

The Science Behind It All

From Seed to Crop to Product

SYNC is unique in that its manufacturer also grows the hemp crops used for SYNC, so there is never any doubt about quality or purity. These crops are grown and processed all in one controlled Farm Bill Compliant facility utilizing organic practices. Each crop is harvested by hand to ensure only the best hemp plants are used. Then the product is mixed carefully by hand and even bottled by hand for additional quality control. You will never have to doubt the quality or virtue of SYNC and its health benefits to the body.

About SYNC’s Proprietary Water Soluble Technology

Ask just about anyone, and they will tell you that oil and water simply do not mix. Think again! SYNC is water soluble and micronized for an absorption rate of up to 100%. Simply put, through the use of proprietary technology, SYNC fools the body into thinking it is pure water which allows SYNC to pass through the gastrointestinal system intact for quick entry into the bloodstream.

Because of this new-generation technology, you can feel the immediate calming influence of SYNC for an instant feeling of natural well-being.

What does homeostasis have to do with this product?

Well, the definition of homeostasis pretty well fits the name SYNC: “The tendency of the body to seek and maintain a condition of balance or equilibrium within its internal environment, even when faced with external changes.” Like your body’s ability to maintain an internal temperature around 98.6 degrees, the homeostasis affect of SYNC can create calm, ongoing balance between the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of the human body.

Have you been looking for a pure, high-quality full-spectrum hemp oil that is grown in the USA?

You might be surprised to learn that China, Russia, and South Korea are the world’s leading industrial hemp producers, accounting for around 70 percent of the world’s industrial hemp supply. Often, companies that do not specify the origins of their hemp are actually sourcing from such overseas sources where safety and health regulations can be quite lax. SYNC by Trévo uses only Colorado-grown hemp that is organically produced with absolutely no pesticides or fertilizers, and no foreign outsourcing.


Is It Legal to Use and Sell SYNC by Trévo?

Yes! SYNC is fully Farm Bill compliant. That means you can buy, sell SYNC with confidence although it is currently not available in the following states: Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska and West Virginia. Although cannabinoid-rich hemp oil is a completely legal product, the use of the commonly-recognized 3-letter abbreviation for Cannabidiol is currently not permitted under Federal regulations.


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Start living your life in balance with Sync, get yours today!

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So why add SYNC to your daily health regimen?

Among common benefits of full spectrum hemp oil, natural pain relief tops the list for many. Pre-clinical studies sponsored by the National Institutes of Health are looking at the role of cannabidiol in relieving symptoms caused by arthritis, chronic pain, and muscle pain. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine reported that cannabidiol appeared to suppress chronic inflammatory and neuropathic pain in animals without causing analgesic tolerance. Researchers suggest that cannabidiol and other non-psychoactive components of marijuana may represent a novel class of therapeutic agents for the treatment of chronic pain.

Is SYNC Transportation Security Administration compliant?2018-04-18T18:02:18+00:00

Please visit for more information on regulations related to traveling with CBD products.

How is our oil is extracted?2018-03-26T18:56:00+00:00

Utilizing an Organic Ethanol Wash.

Will I get high from taking SYNC?2018-03-26T18:53:26+00:00

No. SYNC does not contain THC.

What is the benefit of SYNC being Water Soluble?2018-03-26T18:53:00+00:00

True water-solubility means a quicker uptake into the bloodstream as well as a much higher rate of absorption.

What does it mean SYNC is 100% Bioavailable?2018-04-04T16:36:11+00:00

Bioavailable speaks to the ease of absorption into the bloodstream. Since SYNC is truly a water-soluble product, it offers up to 100% absorption. This absorption rate varies from person to person, dependent upon their own body.

How is the oil extracted from SYNC?2018-03-26T18:52:20+00:00

Utilizing an Organic Ethanol Wash.

Is SYNC a Full Spectrum or Isolate?2018-03-26T18:51:57+00:00

SYNC is a full-spectrum hemp oil product.

What is the difference between a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Vs A CBD isolate?2018-03-26T18:51:34+00:00

The extraction process determines whether the active Cannabidiol compound is removed from the plant as an “isolate” or as a “full-spectrum” oil.

A CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like; pure, isolated CBD compound, all by itself. It exists as a white-ish powder, and contains no other active compounds – nothing.

Full-spectrum hemp oil, on the other hand, contains other active compounds in addition to Cannabidiol.

Will SYNC make me tired or give me lots of energy?2018-03-26T18:51:12+00:00

It will neither make you feel tired nor give you lots of energy. It contains no stimulants that cause jitters or excessive energy, but does contain a number of very beneficial vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that promote overall good health.

Can SYNC interact with other pharmaceutical drugs?2018-03-26T18:50:54+00:00

That is a subject that is best addressed by your health care provider.

Can you explain the difference between CBD marijuana oil, Hemp oil and Hemp seed Oil?2018-03-26T18:46:35+00:00

Basically, cannabis is an umbrella term that includes both hemp and marijuana plants. Cannabis sativa is the scientific name of the cannabis plant (Cannabis = genus; sativa = species), and hemp and marijuana are just two different strains of it. (One could correctly refer to a “marijuana” or “hemp” plant as a “cannabis” plant, for example, but you would not refer to a “marijuana” plant as a “hemp” plant, or vice-versa).

Hemp seed oil is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant typically using a cold-press process. This type of oil can actually be extracted from all plants in the cannabis genus, but only industrial hemp is used in production. Industrial hemp is used primarily because they have been specifically bred for seed and stalk. Hemp seed oil can be used as a substitute for olive oil and other cooking oils in various recipes and in salad dressings.

What is the difference between Hemp oil and CBD Oil?2018-03-26T18:46:06+00:00

Full-spectrum hemp oil contains all of the compounds contained in the hemp plant. CBD oil contains only the Cannabidiol compound. It is important to note that the full array of hemp compounds offer a variety of vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients that work together synergistically, making full-spectrum hemp the best choice for optimum good health.

What is the benefit of taking a CBD oil daily vs taking as needed?2018-03-26T18:45:34+00:00

In order to obtain the best results, it is necessary to get a sufficient amount of Cannabidiol oil or full-spectrum hemp oil on board in your system. Simply taking it when you feel it would help may give you some benefits, but not nearly as much as taking it as recommended (twice daily).

Is this available for retail?2018-03-26T18:42:41+00:00

SYNC is available for retail sale through Trévo’s Life and Health Coaches.

Can I add this to a meal replacement?2018-03-26T18:42:14+00:00


Is this FDA approved if no why not?2018-03-26T18:41:53+00:00

The FDA does not approve any dietary supplement, including SYNC. The manufacturing facilities are under subject to the oversight of the FDA, but the FDA does not, and never has, reviewed and/or approved dietary supplements.

Is it external or internal use?2018-03-26T18:41:34+00:00

SYNC is intended to be ingested.

What is SYNC for?2018-03-26T18:40:38+00:00

Some potential health benefits offered by SYNC include:

  • Natural, botanical support of your feeling of physical comfort;
  • Support for your efforts to manage anxiety, including social anxiety;
  • Support for managing the effects of stress;
  • Its pure, active phytocannabinoids may act as natural antioxidants, giving your body one more weapon in its war on free-radical cellular damage; and
  • Its phytocannabinoids may help support the management of chronic inflammation
Can this be taken on an empty stomach?2018-03-26T18:39:57+00:00


How much should I take?2018-03-26T18:39:34+00:00

One dropperful twice daily.

Where does SYNC come from?2018-03-26T18:39:16+00:00

SYNC is produced using Colorado-grown agricultural hemp grown using organic farming methods.

Will this make me sleepy?2018-03-26T18:38:57+00:00


Can I have this at work?2018-03-26T18:38:39+00:00

That depends on the employer. If you are in a state which has legalized the sale of cannibidiol or hemp oil containing cannibidiol, then there should be no issues but, again, it may depend upon the employer.

Does this manage epilepsy?2018-03-26T18:38:21+00:00

No. SYNC is not medical marijuana, which has shown some benefits in managing epilepsy.

Can a pregnant women take this?2018-03-26T18:38:03+00:00

As with any dietary supplement, pregnant women should check with their health care provider before taking SYNC.

Can you take this while driving heavy machinery?2018-03-26T18:37:38+00:00

Yes. As stated earlier, SYNC contains absolutely no THC and will never make you feel “high” or drowsy.

What if I take more than recommended dosage, what happens?2018-03-26T18:37:15+00:00

Since it is not possible to “overdose” on SYNC, there are no ill effects from taking more than the recommended amount.

Will this make you hallucinate?2018-03-26T18:36:56+00:00

No. There is absolutely no THC in SYNC, so it cannot make you “high”.

What is the recommended dosage?2018-03-26T18:36:24+00:00

One dropperful twice daily.

What are the side effects?2018-03-26T18:34:41+00:00

There are no known side effects.

Why is it illegal in five states?2018-03-26T18:34:23+00:00

Those five states have not yet passed legislation legalizing the sale of Cannabidiol or hemp oil containing Cannabidiol.

Is there any THC in SYNC?2018-03-26T18:34:02+00:00


What happens if I get pulled over with SYNC?2018-03-26T18:33:42+00:00

SYNC is a completely legal product in all but five states, and it will not be sold in those five states until they pass legislation legalizing the sale of Cannabidiol or hemp oil containing Cannabidiol.

So, the answer is that absolutely nothing will happen if you are pulled over with SYNC.

Is SYNC legal to take?2018-03-26T18:33:14+00:00

Yes it is.

Is this a natural product?2018-03-26T18:30:50+00:00

Yes, SYNC is 100% natural. The hemp is grown using organic practices, the flavorings are natural and even the preservative (vitamin E) is natural.

Can this be taken with Trévo or other supplements?2018-03-26T18:30:32+00:00

SYNC interacts well with Trévo so, yes, it can be taken in conjunction with Trévo. There are no indications that there are any limitations or concerns regarding taking full-spectrum hemp oil with other dietary supplements. However, if you have any concerns, we recommend that you speak with your health care provider.

What is SYNC?2018-03-26T18:30:12+00:00

SYNC is a full-spectrum agricultural hemp oil product that is highly bio-available due to its proprietary water-soluble technology. It is available in either natural vanilla flavor or natural orange.

How does CBD oil interact with other medications?2018-03-26T18:29:08+00:00

That is a subject that is best addressed by your health care provider.

Will SYNC make me fail a drug test?2018-03-26T18:28:48+00:00

No. According to our manufacturer, SYNC contains absolutely zero THC.

How do I know if CBD oil is best for me?2018-03-26T18:28:27+00:00

The best way to determine if you will benefit from CBD or hemp oil is to try SYNC. Use it twice daily as recommended for 30 days and then assess how you feel. Of course, if you currently take any prescription medications, we recommend that you check with your health care provider before taking SYNC or any other dietary supplement.

What’s the difference between Hemp Oil and CBD Oil?2018-03-26T18:28:05+00:00

Full-spectrum hemp oil contains all of the compounds contained in the hemp plant. CBD oil contains only the Cannabidiol compound. It is important to note that the full array of hemp compounds offer a variety of vitamins, minerals and other phytonutrients that work together synergistically, making full-spectrum hemp the best choice for optimum good health.

What is CBD oil?2018-03-26T18:27:44+00:00

CBD is the 3-letter abbreviation for Cannabidiol oil. Cannabidiol is one of the dozens of natural compounds found in the hemp plant.