Rules for Social Media Use

Effective 7/20/2016

As we continue to grow here at Trevo into a global, billion-dollar brand, we are always looking for ways to help promote and expand your retail business.

Social media is a great resource to reach everyone.

However, there are some specific rules that apply when you are using resources like Facebook and Twitter to promote. It has been brought to our attention that many are making claims of wealth and cures. The following are UNACCEPTABLE and if anyone is caught violating the rules for posting on social media, their account with Trevo will be suspended and you will not collect on your commissions.

  1. You can’t make claims of “cures”. For example, you can’t say things like “I’m cancer-free thanks to Trevo” or “stop diabetes” or “stop cancer”. Trevo doesn’t cure or treat anything. You can use the statement “Trevo supports the maintenance of: blood pressure health, bone and joint health..”
  2. You can’t make claims of wealth or post numbers that reference what someone might receive. For example, you can’t say “Make millions with Trevo” or “I’m rich because of Trevo”, “I made 2 million naira”.
  3. You can’t post pictures of money or money being held or exchanged.
  4. Any charts showing large amounts of money need to be removed.
  5. You can’t register URLs with the name of Trevo + Country/region/city. For example, you can not register or You are free to register URLs that include Trevo + your name. For example, you can register

We are in the public eye regularly and governments and lawyers around the world are constantly reviewing our type of business. We must be very careful on what we post.

The Marketing Team over the next few months will be releasing graphics and information that you can use on social media to promote your business. At the same time, we will be monitoring social media posts of everyone in the field.

Also the printed materials currently being created by the corporate office are great resources for things you can say and do.

If you have any questions or would like us to review something you’d like to post or a URL you’d like to register, please contact us via email at any time and we can help review this information for you.

Thank you.
Mark Stevens and the Trevo Marketing Team.

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