Are you a “mosquito magnet”? Or maybe your children are constantly mosquitoes’ favorite food source. Either way, mosquito bites are not just itchy and irritating. They can also be a potentially huge health risk. Getting a mosquito bite is no fun, but even worse is the very real danger of getting a disease like West Nile, Malaria or Zika from that bite. So, How about Natural Mosquito Protection? Shield by Trévo can give just that!


Natural Mosquito Protection

Protect. Repel. Prevent.

What? No Smelly Mosquito Repellant Spray!

SHIELD by Trévo, a synergistic blend of patented nutrition designed to deliver result-driven beauty and healthy aging benefits from the inside out, with particular emphasis on skin, hair and nails. This product truly is the most cutting-edge nutricosmetic product on the market today.

How does SHIELD by Trévo work? SHIELD by Trévo’s proprietary all-natural formula helps protect you from mosquito bites:

  • From the inside out
  • Disinterests mosquitoes from human skin
  • Smells undesirable to mosquitoes
  • Smells undesirable to mosquitoes

Supplement Facts


SHIELD by Trévo™ helps you take the necessary steps to help prevent mosquito bites for you and your family. All without spray repellents that are rife with health risks of their own, not to mention their terrible smell and sticky residue.

You might be surprised to learn that mosquitoes mostly rely on their keen sense of smell to identify their favorite food source … people. And the things you eat can greatly affect the chemicals you release and, therefore, your scent. Interestingly, some of the fragrances created by your diet are unappealing to mosquitoes or mask your natural aroma.

SHIELD by Trévo, a completely natural mosquito repellent supplement, can make it much more difficult for mosquitoes to find and feast upon you.


Why is SHIELD by Trévo’s mosquito protection so important?

SHIELD was developed to combat the growing epidemic of mosquito-carried diseases from the inside out. Finding novel ways to disinterest mosquitoes from human skin has been as much sought-after goal, but yielded little results … until now.

Through a proprietary extraction process and unique combination, the nutrients in SHIELD by Trévo work to diminish the attractiveness of human skin to mosquitoes. In other words, no more mosquito magnet! Our proprietary extraction processes allow for human skin to smell undesirable to mosquitoes while not giving off offending odors to other humans.

No toxic chemicals or chemicals found here, like you see in most topical creams or sprays

Oral administration of SHIELD’s natural ingredients is the clear choice for delivering maximum mosquito protection to every single area of skin. No area is unprotected due to poor application of cream or spray repellents. The protection cannot be washed or sweated away. And absolutely no harmful pesticides or toxins are applied to your skin.

The SHIELD mosquito repellant capsule contains 100% natural plant/vegetable extracts, vitamins and compounds that naturally occur in plants, animals and humans.

Nutritional “perks” of SHIELD by Trévo

Calcium (Calcium Sulfate)

Your body needs calcium to build and maintain strong bones. Your heart, muscles and nerves also need calcium to function properly. Some studies suggest that calcium, along with vitamin D, may have benefits beyond bone health, including support for cellular and cardiovascular system health as well as the maintenance of healthy blood pressure.

Potassium Bitartrate

Also known as cream of tartar, potassium bitartrate is a health benefits powerhouse. In addition to supporting your body’s natural toxin removal system, potassium bitartrate provides nutritional support for the central nervous system, brain function, bone health and muscle tissue growth. It even supports the maintenance of healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Proprietary Garlic Extract

Garlic has long been recognized for its potent nutritional support for the heart, vascular system and immune system health. Garlic is also beneficial in
maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Additionally, it contains antioxidants that support the body’s protective mechanisms against
oxidative damage.

This fabulously pungent botanical is low in calories and rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6 and manganese. It also contains trace amounts of various other
powerful nutrients.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane MSM

MSM is naturally occurring in plants, animals, and humans. It is well-known for its joint health benefits but may also be helpful for other conditions related to chronic inflammation and damage due to oxidation. Additionally, MSM helps support the increase in levels of glutathione, a potent
antioxidant produced by your body.

Chondroitin Sulfate USP

Chondroitin is an important structural component of cartilage and one of the key substances that allows joints to withstand pressure. So, supplementing your body’s natural supply of this essential nutrient just makes sense for maintaining good joint function and health. Chondroitin can even support the body’s production of collagen, which is essential for skin health, healing and fighting the effects of aging on the skin.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)

Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, is a water-soluble vitamin that enables the body to use carbohydrates as energy. It is essential for glucose metabolism, and it plays a key role in nerve, muscle, and heart function.Humans need a continuous supply of vitamin B1 because, as a water-soluble vitamin, it is not stored in the body.

Shield yourself with this amazing Natural Mosquito Repellant TODAY! SHIELD by Trévo™