When a Life and Health Coach reaches any of the above ranks for the first time*, they will receive a cash bonus.

* Must be first time the individual has EVER reached that tier. Coaches who have dropped from a tier, then re-achieved that ranking will not qualify for cash bonus. 

White Diamond

Yellow Diamond Elite Executive

Emerald Director

(no more than 25% volume from one leg)

Platinum Executive Leader

(no more than 30% volume from one leg)

* Cash bonus will be paid the last Friday of the following month.

* Bonuses will be paid in local currency.

The CLIMB to the top is never just about reaching the summit.

Every level you reach along the way should be CELEBRATED, and that’s what Trévo Elevate is all about. 

Wherever you are, and whatever your NEXT LEVEL is, YOU can achieve it through the POWER of Trévo!


Don’t waste another minute allowing your circumstances to limit YOU and YOUR SUCCESS. 

Commit NOW to truly elevating yourself, your health, your business and your lifestyle in 2016. Shift your focus from the things that are holding you back to the things that you want to achieve!

No matter where you are today, envision where you want to be TOMORROW, and commit every part of yourself to reaching that next level! 

Promotion runs from February 1, 2016 – June 30, 2016



* PS 2 or greater and 3 bottle AutoShip or greater includes Trévo Exposure Packs (counts as 3 bottles)

* For AutoShip portion:

– Same 4 enrollees can be used each month throughout the promotion.

– Customers  or Life and Health Coaches on AutoShip must have been enrolled after January 1, 2016

* All prizes expire May 31, 2016



By the end of the following month, he or she will receive a congratulatory email or text message with an order number. (DISCLAIMER: If you do not receive an email or text message, please contact Trévo International Support at [email protected] as we may have incorrect contact information for you on file)

Photo identification must be presented when you arrive to pick up your prize. (Note that credit or debit cards are NOT considered valid forms of identification. Identification not required if items are being shipped for home delivery.)

Prize limited to ONE prize per category per month.

In order to qualify for all Trévo promotions, individual must have placed an AutoShip in the month prior to qualifying or be in a grace period.

If at any point a prize item is unavailable, Trévo holds the right to present an item of equal or greater value to qualifying individuals.

Prize will be available at the last center from which you picked up an order. For all countries that use home delivery their prizes will be shipped to them.


Available in Benin, Canada, Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Dubai, Gabon, Ghana, India, Kenya, Nigeria, RD Congo, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Togo, Uganda and United Kingdom.