2017 Trévo World Tour

Welcome to the Trévo World Tour 2017.

BUILD. PROMOTE. PERFORM. Imagine you’re a musician in a band, and you are going to tour the world!  What would you need to do? You would want to find other members who share that same excitement. Then you would practice every day and promote yourselves.  Finally, after all your hard work, you’re the star and it’s time to perform!

Step 1
Build your team!
January 1 – May 31

Step 2
PROMOTE The Lifestyle!
June 1 – October 31

Step 3
You are the rock star  and it’s time to perform!
November 1 – Spring 2018

There will be in country trips and bonuses for 2017!

Check your back office for promotional materials and flyers.

 Promotion runs from January 1, 2017 – Spring 2018