System Overview

• MyTRÉVO Personal Website: This tool lets you share your personal “why” story as well as photos. Your visitors have the ability to order product online and even listen to professional Trévo product and opportunity audios. Your MyTRÊVO personal website is also ideal for capturing contact information on the people whom you direct to your website through the use of the Trévo and product and opportunity tools.

• Lead Capture Website: Increase the visibility of your business and expand your customer base with this professionally designed, compelling website. Captured contact information is automatically directed to your email address and visitors are directed to your MyTRÊVO personal website.

If you have not signed up for the Business Management System or Personal Website, be sure to contact Life and Health Coach Support to get your BMS set up today.



places state-of-the-art technology and tools right at your fingertips. The features we have incorporated into this system will maximize your time and multiply your efforts. You will be able to make professional online presentations, organize your business and track the productivity of your team with the following tools.

Becoming system-dependent puts you in control of your future as a successful home-based entrepreneur. By becoming system-dependent rather than people-dependent, you can build a thriving business of any size from anywhere in the world.

Mark and Holli Stevens and Trévo’s Information Technology team have developed an array of powerful systems by drawing upon decades of real-world business-building experience and success in network marketing.

From personal websites, sophisticated business management systems and automated email drip campaigns to simple, yet highly effective, business-building strategies and much more, Trévo has everything you need to create your own successful home-based business with the most comprehensive business-building technology available anywhere.

These systems are laid out in an easy to follow, step-by-step progression, enabling you to get off to the kind of start that will empower your financial goals and help you achieve your dreams in an amazingly short period of time.



This powerful feature enables you to track business activity for yourself and your personally enrolled Life and Health Coaches. The following reports are available to you:

– Bulk Pack Report                               – Volume Reports

– Commission Breakdown                 – Group

– Earnings Graph                                  – Team

– Organization Report                        – 72-Hour Checklist

– Personal Enrollment Graph


Calendar/Reminder System: 

Stay on track for all of your scheduled appointments and important events. You can eliminate unnecessary paper and keep all of your appointments in one easy-to-access location on your computer. You will be able to store information about your last conversation with a prospect customer or business partner and even be able to remember special occasions such as a business partner’s birthday. Everything you need to organize your day is now at the touch of a finger. 


Contact Manager:

This comprehensive program allows you to organize any contact information in a variety of ways to suit your own special business needs. Whether by age, state, leadership ability or warm market, there is no limit to your choices. 


Groups Manager: 

This comprehensive program allows you to create and organize any number of groups. This can include your team members, your team leaders, your prospects, your new enrollees and much more. Create groups according to age, state or any other criteria; there is no limit to your choices.




Easily communicate with your downlines from teams around the globe. The Communications feature keeps you in touch with people who are key to building your business.





◦ Life and Health Coach Training: Quickly and easily send your team members the latest training tools, from the Eight Ways To Make Money PDF and compensation audios to the Bottle A Day Strategy, new Life and Health Coach auto responder campaigns and much more.

◦ Communicate with your team: Quickly and easily send out emails to your organization on a daily basis with the click of your mouse.

◦ Testimonies: Simply copy and paste a few specific testimonies that are targeted toward the interests, goals and needs of particular prospects. It is completely customizable third-party validation at the touch of a finger.

DISCLAIMER: The earnings potential portrayed in this literature is not necessarily representative of the income, if any, that a Trévo Life and Health Coach can or will earn through participation in the Trévo compensation plan. Any figures herein should not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits. Any representation or guarantee of earnings, whether made by Trévo or a Trévo Life and Health Coach, would be misleading. Success with Trévo results only from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, persistence and leadership. Your success will depend upon how effectively you exercise these qualities.