The Compensation Plan created to empower your dreams!
The compensation plan has been carefully developed as a way to EMPOWER you and your dreams. With this plan, you can make money from day one. As a result you are able to create a residual income, and be rewarded as your customer base and team develops through your leadership.

Eight Ways to Make Money
Trévo’s compensation plan utilizes a single-line matrix system that is new and unique to the industry. You, as a leader will develop and grow your team, our system allows you to benefit from the growth of global sales. In Trévo, your personal team is actually a part of the Trévo global team. Due to our EIGHT POWERFUL WAYS for you to make money through Trévo, you can equip yourself to achieve a life of excitement, fulfillment, and financial freedom. This plan rewards you for creating success in your personal team through

  1. retail customers
  2. powerstart commissions
  3. upgrade commissions
  4. QVP commissions
  5. Bulk Pack
  6. Team Volume’
  7. Leadership bonuses
  8. Charity bonuses

At Trévo, our mission truly is to EMPOWER YOUR DREAMS!