Host a holiday event!
Open your house or find an appropriate place to celebrate. Invite your organization and encourage them to bring guests. Keep it fun with music and games while making sure to celebrate everyone’s successes for the year.

Give samples to potential and valued customers.
Put your Trévo 2Go’s in a gift bag with product literature. Or get small fruit baskets and put it all in with the fruit. Then, decorate it in the Trévo brand colors! Make sure and order your Trévo 2Go’s early so you have plenty!

Use the holidays as a reason to correspond.
Call, email or send holiday cards to your customers and team members. Get out of the regular “business” conversations, thank them for their business, and remind them of the promise of next year.

Be social and make new connections!
Get out and attend parties, special events and gatherings every chance you can. It’s the best time to make new connections and generate leads for the coming year.

Get organized.
This is a great time to update your contact lists, get caught up on communications, create new lead lists and file away old things. Get organized right now to make the New Year more efficient and productive.

Wishing you a happy and empowered holiday season!


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