What is a Downline?

Anyone who is placed below a Life and Health Coach in the hierarchal organization structure (see single line matrix example in your Compensation Plan).

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What is the Difference between TVP, QVP and GVP?

Group Volume Points (GVP) are points that a coach can earn from sales (enrollments, AutoShips, and Bulk Packs) from their 8 generations. GVP is not cumulative and re-starts every month. TVP (Team Volume Points) reflect all volume under a coach in the single line matrix on a monthly basis, regardless of whose organization the coach [...]

What is the Difference between TVP, QVP and GVP?2018-04-04T16:36:13+00:00

My drop down menu is empty?

Please make sure you are using the most up to date browser version and that your cache and cookies are cleared when enrolling.

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