TRÉVO Customer Terms and Conditions

1. General information

All deliveries and services that are catered through the Trévo Online Shop and are available via as well as those communicated through Trévo Customer Service, are subject to the following terms and conditions. Deviations in regard to customer conditions are not accepted by Trévo.

2. Enrollment

The information requested at the time of enrollment (via customer service or online) needs to be complete and correct. In case of changes regarding the given information occurring after the enrollment period, the customer is obligated to note the informational changes immediately.
The customer’s personal password, selected during the enrollment period, is to be kept strictly private and is not to be shared with a third person party under any circumstances. The customer holds responsibility for all actions undertaken on the website with the authorization of his/her personal password. Enrollment is only possible for customers over the legal age of 18.

3. Signing of agreement

The contract between the customer and TRÉVO LLC (hereafter TRÉVO) is subject to the following terms. After the customer has clicked on either of the two options, namely “Check-out” or “Submit”, he/she has then formulated a conscious request of order to Trévo. Immediately after the receival of the order request, Trévo sends out an automated confirmation e-mail and saves the terms of agreement. For safety reasons, your personal order details are thereafter no longer available online. Upon shipping of the products, the contract becomes binding.

4. Delivery

In case of no prior agreements, the product is delivered to the customer’s shipping address. The shipping of the order is processed through Green Logistics. The customer bears the shipping cost. All deliveries are occurring solely within the federal republic of Germany.

5. Delayed delivery

In cases of a delayed delivery, Trévo will inform the customer immediately.

6. Return

In case of the return of goods either due to a breach of warranty or a scheduled return, the customer is obliged to secure the product with proper packaging against typical transportation hazards. If possible, the product should be returned with its original packaging.
Please contact us via in order to agree upon the terms of product return.

7. Prices

Prices listed on and include the legal value-added tax.

8. Conditions for payment

Customers are able to pay via credit card (Mastercard and Visa), PayPal or via cash in advance payment (Bank Depot).
In case of the cash in advance payment possibility, Trévo will, immediately after receiving the product payment, ship out the product including the billing information to the shipping address of the customer. If the customer has not paid the billed amount after a period of 30 days, legal action will require him to do so.

9. Reservation of proprietary rights

Until the product has been paid by the customer, it will remain legal property of Trévo.

14. Guarantee

Upon delivery, the product should be examined closely by the customer in order to detect whether the order is complete and complies with product standards stated within the agreement. In case of an order being lost during shipping or the product being faulty, the customer has the opportunity to inform Trévo or the Trévo customer service at about the matter at hand. The legal terms of warranty apply.

15. Exception for right of withdrawal

Products that are for reasons of sanitary protection and hygiene sold in a sealed package cannot be returned. The right of withdrawal does not apply to distributors.

16. Protection of data privacy

For reasons concerning the binding agreement TRÉVO is legally entitled to save significant customer details such as complete name, address, age, e-mail, telephone and fax number as well as the customer’s banking information. The customer is in turn entitled to claim insight into any of his/her personal information held by TRÉVO as well as has the possibility to reach TRÉVO customer support via customersupport@trevocorporate for matters of changing or deleting personal information.

Right of withdrawal

You are legally entitled to withdraw from this binding agreement within the time period of 14 (fourteen) days without substantiation.
The right of withdrawal accounts a period of 14 (fourteen) days, taking effect from the date that the customer or a third party member have received the order.
In order to make use of your legal right of withdrawal, you may contact TRÉVO at
Trévo LLC, 1601 NW Expressway, Suite 1800,
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73118, USA
and inform the company with an explicit statement (for ex. Letter, fax, or e-mail) regarding your right of withdrawal. You can, but are not required to make use of the attached form for your right of withdrawal.
In order for your right of withdrawal to be processed, you are solely expected to send the form of withdrawal within the above mentioned time period.

Consequences of withdrawal

In case of the customer withdrawing from the contract agreement, payments received by the company, including shipping payments (with the exception of the customer demanding to use another form of shipment besides the standardized option that is offered by the company) will be refunded within the time period of 14 days, starting from the date on which the right of withdrawal form was received by the company. The refund will be processed in the same manner of the original transaction, except if clearly agreed upon differently by both parties. The refund will be entirely free of charge. TRÉVO can hold on to the refund until the returned products have been received or a valid confirmation of reshipment has been made available, depending on which of the two occurs first.
After you have received the form necessary to issue the withdrawal, the products are to be send back to TRÉVO within the time period of 14 days. The products have to be received by the company within the fourteen day time limit. Costs resulting from the direct reshipment to the company are to be met by the customer.
The customer is only liable for defects of the product, if those defects result from an incorrect treatment by the customer of the product, exceeding the standard examination of condition, quality and functionality of the product.
The form for right of withdrawal can be exerted from this website.

Last update: September 2017