This “Why” Story comes from David Whitehorse in the United States.

“I was diagnosed with Ocular Migraines in 1986. When you have one of these, you can’t see to drive, you can’t see faces, you can’t watch tv. Then the pain hits. I got to the point where I was having 1-2 per week. Since starting Trévo daily, I have not had a single OM. My wife also takes Trévo daily, and has reduced her monthly prescriptions from 11 to 4. Folks, our lives have been changed because of Trévo. I love my family and friends, and want them to live long and healthy lives. What on earth could I possibly do for them to achieve this if Trévo wasn’t available? I can tell you, NOTHING. What a helpless feeling that would be. Thanks to God, Trévo and The Stevens, we are not helpless. By making a small decision to choose Trévo daily, we can now be assured of living all of our lives Well.”