Trévo Car Bonus Program


  • 45,000 GVP (minimum 3 legs) = $550 USD monthly car bonus
  • 55,000 GVP (minimum 3 legs) = $750 USD monthly car bonus
  • 65,000 GVP (minimum 4 legs) = $1,000 USD monthly car bonus
  • 50% of GVP must come from monthly AutoShips
  • 20,000 maximum per team leg
  • Personal Monthly AutoShip Program participation is required
  • Minimum of 1,000,000 TVP, or company level at time of qualification


• 45,000 points needed in two (2) consecutive months to qualify for bonus

• Bonus is for purchase of $25,000 car

• Color of selected vehicle must be either black or white

• Winners can select from the following 10 car brands:

BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Cadillac, Jaguar, Lexus, Hundai, Kia, Nissan

• Vehicle must be brand new, whether it is leased or purchased

• No used cars allowed under any circumstances

• Qualifying Life and Health Coach must make 25% down payment on $25,000 value of car, while Trévo pays the remaining 75%. Your monthly car bonus earned goes directly to Trévo to pay for your car. After Trévo’s 75% is paid off, the purchasing individual’s 25% will then be paid back. **

EXAMPLE: John earns car bonus and purchases $25,000 car. John pays $6,250 (25% of allowed bonus) at the time of purchase, while Trévo pays remaining $18,750 (75% of allowed bonus)*

• If a qualifying Life and Health Coach desires a higher-priced car than the $25,000 car bonus for which they qualify, they must pay required 25% down payment plus the difference at the time of purchase. **

EXAMPLE: Maria earns car bonus and purchases $30,000 car. Maria pays $11,250 (25% of allowed $25,000 bonus PLUS remaining $5,000 difference) at the time of purchase, while Trévo still pays $18,750 (75% of $25,000 allowed bonus)*

• All car bonus program qualifications must be met within the calendar month by 12:00AM on the last day of the month
Any month that you don’t qualify for car bonus, Trévo will deduct car bonus amount from that Life and Health Coach’s commission

As of December 1, 2015, 1% of active Trévo distributors qualify for this bonus.