Today’s Why Story Comes To Us From Mukunda Awaru From Uganda

« My desire in the world is to get aware out there, there is someone who recognizes me and helps me in developing my talents and skills. When i heard about Trévo and looked at the way it’s system is designed, i comfortably, said ‘this is the right company for me’. i am single but what i loved is not to do one single Job as a way of sustaining my self, i have chosen to do Trévo business on a part time. I have not reached there but right inside of me, i know Trévo is the best company for me through where i can achieve my dreams. What catches my eyes is the Trevo brand new car program, i always imagined myself Driving a brand new Trevo car where i am not worried of the monthly costs to be paid. Secondly, i look at the charity bonus and feel excited about it, i have always dreamed of building a school where i can see my name put. I like the way Trevo works and i am proud of it!! »